About Us

We Are Your Proofing Solution

Proofing Solutions provides design agencies and end users with a simple, cost effective proofing solution. Every proof we output is produced using the profile you select following Industry Best Practices and is verified with a control strip.

Proofing Solutions combined the talents and expertise of Merrimack Valley Prepress, Inc. & Ron Ellis consulting LLC. to bring Industry Standard Proofing right to your door.

About Ron Ellis Consulting LLC.

Ron Ellis is an IDEAlliance G7 Expert and chair of the GRACoL Committee, Ron has performed over 100 G7 calibrations. In addition to calibrating pressrooms for customers such as Pantone, Ron also specializes in creating internal working spaces for brands and agencies that allow them to work more efficiently with vendors, saving both time and money. Ron is published frequently in industry magazines, and has produced training materials for numerous printing industry vendors and publishers. Ron is a Boston-based consultant specializing in color management, workflow integration, and press calibration. He has provided installation and training services to dealers, manufacturers, and content creators around the globe since 1986. www.ronellisconsulting.com

Merrimack Valley Prepress Inc.

MVP opened its doors in 2001 to provide comprehensive prepress services for commercial printers including calibrated Contract Proofs, Scanning, Photoshop Retouching, Color Corrections and imposed Film Output. MVP grew each year in a shrinking segment of the printing industry because it actively searched for new technologies and better ways to give its clientele an edge. MVP's early success can be traced directly to its implementation of a cutting edge digital inkjet proofing system rather than defaulting to an expensive Analog or Dye Sublimation system both of which were less accurate but embraced as "The Gold Standard" back in in 2001.

MVP identified that proofing as early as possible would be critical to saving clients both time and money. They contracted Ron Ellis to install their first ink-jet proofing system in 2001. Ron has installed 6 more systems since. Each system was better than the last.

MVP's plan to provide color proofs as the first step in the prepress process was recognized as a clear advantage by anyone looking for an edge. It's that very principle "Proof as early as possible", on which Proofing Solutions is based. www.MVPrepress.com

Proofing Solutions LLC.

Even though a lot of time has passed since MVP installed that first system and workflows have advanced quite a bit, the problem of proofing much too late still remains. While all printing companies now output a proof as the first step in the prepress process, which is movement in the right direction, design agencies and end users still have little choice but to wait until their file gets to the printer before they can see that first true proof.

So why is everone willing to wait? The answer is simple, until Proofing Solutions, they simply had no choice. Only commercial printers and high end design agencies had ready access to the costly equipment and expertise required to configure and maintain color calibrated, commercial grade proofing equipment.

It's 2015, and your proofing problems are solved! We have combined MVP's forward thinking with Ron Ellis Consulting's expertise in cutting edge proofing methods and finally...

Everyone has a Proofing Solution!