Tips and Tricks to Design for Production

Release Bulletproof files into production.?? Part One: There is no upside to saving a file in the .eps format.

SOPs we all relied on to solve Yesterday???s file processing problems are actually creating problems in todays prepress environment. While your heart may be in the right place, it is possible that the extra work you are doing to help out the folks downstream may actually be making things more difficult. In this series I want to address common problems that find there way into my prepress department. Most of which are born out of the well intentioned hoping to make my job easier. Time to let go of some old standards and embrace the new way of doing things. Embedding fonts and images into your illustrator file rather than saving them in the .eps format is a prime example of how things should be done today.

January 2017

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Converting Pantone Solid Coated swatches to process

If you didn't know that you can???t directly convert a Pantone+ Solid Coated swatch to CMYK you???re not alone. I process roughly 50-60 files a week for area printers and at least half have spot colors converted to CMYK via the L.a.b. color space. Lets talk about what is actually happening when you convert a spot color to process using the same sequence of mouse clicks you have been using forever and Why doesn???t it work that way any more.

December 2016

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Generate a Contract Proof Early and Often

With technology in the print industry advancing at light speed, I find myself wondering why Contract Proofing is still viewed as a necessary evil most often put off ???til the last minute.

October 2016

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