Terms of Use

Complex software systems are employed by the preproduction department in all printing companies to configure a file so that if will function within the proprietary systems they will use to generate printing plates for production. Additional alterations may also be made during this process to facilitate production. These steps can include but are not limited to Trapping, UCR or GCR, adjustments to bleed and the regeneration of Bar Codes. A complete list of alteration that are to be made by the printer should be obtained to fully understand how your file will be altered in order to make it ready for production. Because your file will be altered by the printer responsible for production, that printer must provide a final proof of their version of your file as they intend to put it into production. The final proof provided by the printer responsible for production must be the final proof that will be use as the printer's target for both color and content.

Proofing Solutions practices Industry Best Practices and prints every proof with a verified control strip. The proof of any file before it is processed by the company responsible for production is a tool to be used for preliminary approval only. While we are confident that a proof output by Proofing Solutions will be accurate for color (and in all likelihood be a virtual color match to a proof provided by any printer who is also following Industry Best Practices) only a proof of the final file after alteration made by the printer responsible for production must be used for final approval.

Spot colors are emulated using standard and commonly accepted digital libraries known to be used in the commercial printing industry over the years built into the software. Proper (precise) naming conventions must be used in order for the software to identify a spot color and render it in accordance with the color values built into the software. Special colors and industry standard spot colors with unconventional naming conventions will not be rendered using any tested and/or verified color values. All custom colors will be rendered using the values built into the supplied file. "Technical colors" like those used to generate CAD drawings will all be rendered using a single color. Although great strides have been made to render industry standard spot colors closer to the actual spot color you will see in the appropriate swatch book, An ink drawdown on the substrate being used in production is the only true indication as to how a spot color will appear in the final product. Spot colors that interact with CMYK elements and spot colors interacting with one another cannot be proofed 100% accurately using the software and hardware available at this time. Only a person's experience and understanding of past performance can predict with a reasonable amount of certainty how a spot color that interacts with CMYK elements will render in a production environment using a certain set of press conditions. While many spot colors commonly used in the printing industry proof well as a solid there are other colors that cannot be reproduced in a proofing environment (think vibrant and deep colors, pastels, fluorescent and metallic inks). Certain design elements cannot not be proofed emulating variable press conditions. An example of one such element would be any screens, light or dark, surrounded by large solids. Since press conditions may be such that dot gain in those areas will be well outside the normal dot gain values a proofing system cannot compensate for that press condition. Dark screens percentages may also darken on press depending on press conditions. As with the previous statement relative to the interaction between spot colors and spot colors that interact with one another, only a person's experience and understanding of past performance can predict with a reasonable amount how those screen percentages will render in a production environment using a certain set of press conditions.

Due to the custom nature of the proofs that Proofing Solutions provides, no exchanges or returns will be provided. Proofing Solutions does not accept responsibility for items damaged through shipping.

Proofing Solutions makes no warranty whatsover, express of implied, with respect to any product supplied by proofing solutions including, but not by way of limitation, the merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose of such product. Proofing solutions will, in no event, be liable for any claim of any kind in an amount greater than the purchase price of the product with respect to which the claim is made or for any special, incidental or consequential damages.

Credit card and related personal information is not held by Proofing Solutions LLC. Proofing Solutions utilizes the services of WorldPay and Authorize.net to securely process all credit card transactions and payment information stored in User Accounts. For specific information related to their security protocols and general policies and procedures please visit both WorldPay and Authorize.net.